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    At NCG we make use of a wide range of homestay hosts to offer homestay accommodation, which offers you a “home away from home”, and residential accommodation providers for those who want to be independent and meet lots of new people.

    Wherever you choose to live, you can feel confident that we will ensure that you are in a safe, secure and friendly environment.


    ‘A home away from home’

    Living with a British host is the best way to get a deep insight into British culture and to be always practising your English language skills with native speakers. Many of our students develop great relationships with their homestay hosts truly becomes a ‘home away from home’

    • Practise, practise, practise

      By living with native speakers, the only language that you will speak at home is English. Not only will you get the opportunity to practices everything you learn in the classroom, you will also learn how to speak English like a native speaker.

    • A homely environment

      Living with a host is a comfortable and relaxing experience where you will be able to study and relax without getting distracted.

    • Live British Culture

      You will be living as a British person whilst staying with your homestay hosts. You will take part in every-day activities with your host such as eating and home activities

    • What to expect from your homestay?


      • Single room or a shared room if requested
      • Breakfast and evening meal during the week, full board (all meals on the weekend)
      • Shared bathroom



    Residential Accommodation

    By living in residential accommodation, you will be living amongst students from all over the world! Our residential accommodation providers are within walking distance from the NCG school and are perfect for someone looking to make new friends whilst enjoying independence during their studies. If you choose to book residential accommodation, you will receive confirmation of your residence two weeks before your course start date.

    • Meet new people

      Ncg’s students come from many different countries, therefore you will get the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.

    • Enjoy your independence

      By living in residential accommodation you will get to enjoy your own privacy and independence

    • Conveniently located

      We always make sure that the residential accommodation is located as close to the NCG school as possible to ensure that travelling to and from the college is as easy as possible.

    • Share your goal

      You will be living in the same residence as students that all share your goal, to speak English! This is a great opportunity to practice and achieve your goals together