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    What is hosting?

    Becoming a homestay host is a great way of meeting international students from all over the world, and sharing English language and culture with them. By staying with local families, our NCG English students really immerse themself in the language and get a taste of life in the UK. In return, you can learn about their language and culture – and receive a regular payment.

    Meet students from all over the world

    Learn about different languages and culture

    Regular payments

    What's needed?

    You don’t need to be a family to be a homestay hosts! Single people or couples are welcome to host students. There are however a few rules that hosts need to comply with in order to become homestay hosts:

    A DBS check for all adults living in the house

    A Gas Safety Certificate

    A Fire Safety Risk Assessment

    A spare room that is clean, in a good state, with a window/natural light

    The spare room will need:
    A single or double bed

    A change of bedding and towels every week

    Heating and lighting

    Space for the student to do their homework (a table or desk)

    Space for their possessions (hanging and drawer space)


    An en-suite bathroom isn’t necessary – but students should have access to a clean bathroom with a lock that they can use daily


    Over 18: Students should have access to washing facilities in your home, but you don’t need to do their washing for them.

    Under 18: If you are hosting younger students you would need to do their washing for them.


    We ask our students to treat you with respect – and to treat your home like a home, not a hotel. Our accommodation team will make sure that we match you with the right fit for your family.

    In return, we ask that you:

    Encourage the student to speak English as much as possible to help them learn

    Respect that this is not always possible, and that they might want to speak their own language to friends or family.

    Treat them as a family member, not a lodger – and look after their safety and welfare, even if they are an adult

    Cooperate with the accommodation staff at NCG to help us resolve any possible problems

    Respect their cultural and religious background and be sensitive to any differences (think dietary needs)

    Host Handbook

    Would you like to read more? Click the button below to access our Host Handbook

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