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    IELTS Preparation

    The IELTS course at NCG is ideal for people who want to apply to a UK university and need to achieve their desired score in the IELTS test.

    Our intensive IELTS course is designed to help you get the score that you need for entry to your dream University. Students participate in practice tests in class, on a regular basis, which provides students with time to develop their IELTS skills prior to their official exam. The IELTS teachers at NCG have extensive exam experience and valuable understanding to help develop the skills and knowledge of students on our IELTS courses.

    As well as practice tests, we’ll help you to develop your exam techniques so that you know how to approach the tasks, what the examiners are looking for and how to prepare effectively. You will also be provided with extensive examples of good and bad answers to ensure that you fully understand all the dos and don’ts of the IELTS exam.

    In addition to IELTS test practice and skills development, NCG students will gain exclusive access to our free IELTS online platform, MyNCG, where there are over 60 hours’ worth of IELTS test and skills practice.

    NCG students who study IELTS at the college will be provided with guidance and support when they need to book their external exam in the UK.


    Get a FREE consultation to study General English by contacting NCG!

    This course is available in the following locations:


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    A quick glance

    Start date:

    Any Monday (subject to availability)


    Strong intermediate or above (we also offer pre-IELTS skills classes for lower level students)

    Class Hours

    20 hours per week (plus optional 5 hours on general English skills)


    Morning or Afternoon*

    Course Duration

    2 – 45 weeks

    Minimum Age


    Average class size:


    What is the IELTS test?

    The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognised qualification and entry requirement for Universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, established over 21 years ago. It is also widely used by governments as a language proficiency guide when issuing work visas and is recognised by professional organizations.

    Why study IELTS?

    • You want to apply to a UK or English speaking University
    • You want to obtain an international qualification that proves your level of English
    • You want to increase your employment opportunities
    • You want to develop your academic skills
    Who is this course for?

    Our IELTS students aim to study at an English-language institution or work in an English-speaking country. The exam is famously difficult even for fluent English speakers, so the course combines academic language with techniques for passing each paper.

    IELTS Exam Technique

    You will learn many important tips such as:

    • How to approach the tasks / questions
    • What the examiners are looking for
    • What to do (& what not to do!)
    • How to prepare for the writing tasks
    • How to manage your time in the exam
    • Examples of good and bad answers
    IELTS Specialists

    Our teachers have years of experience in preparing students for the IELTS exam, therefore they are able to ensure that you have all of the skills and techniques needed to get the highest possible score

    Our teachers

    All our IELTS courses are led by experienced IELTS teachers who have in-depth knowledge of the exam. They know what the examiners want to see, and can help you to provide it.

    Our results

    Many of our students go on to study at British universities, including Leeds, Manchester and Bangor.

    Exam technique

    An important part of the IELTS exam is technique. You will take many practice tests to familiarise yourself with the style of the questions on the IELTS test how to use your time effectively to maximise your IELTS score!

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