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    • Student Welfare

    The welfare of our students and care of under 18s is very dear to the heart of NCG. We know well the concerns that people and families have when a family member or child travels abroad. Also, we are very familiar with issues that people coming to the UK face such as missing their families and have dedicated safeguarding and welfare teams at our schools to ensure that students are happy, supported and have access to all the advice they need. We also have staff fluent in many languages who can help translate and interpret for students who need those services.


    STUDENT WELFAREID-badges-poster

    • Building is fully monitored by CCTV
    • All doors are secure and can only be opened with an ID card
    • Colour coded lanyard system: Staff can be recognised by yellow, students – purple, students under 18 years – pink, visitors yellow
    • Different health and safety events run every month such as: residential hall safety, keeping safe when out etc
    • Health and safety noticeboards located all over the college informing students of the latest news
    • 4 First aid trained staff at Liverpool and 11 at Manchester
    • 5 trained fire marshalls at Liverpool and 10 at Manchester
    • Over 15 members of staff are first aid trained
    • Over 15 trained fire marshals
    • Health and safety improvement boards conducted quarterly with the input of  student representatives
    • There is an experienced and trained safeguarding and welfare team available at all times
    • Strict processes are in place for monitoring health and safety standards of accommodation that students are placed in by NCG
    • A curfew system in place for all students under 18 residing in our accommodation
    • A variety of guidance and advice leaflets are available at reception for students at both sites
    • Transfer drivers are all DBS checked to an enhanced level

    16-17 YEAR OLDS

    At New College we treat students who are 16 or 17 in a way that helps foster their burgeoning independence while still ensuring their safety. In most ways they are treated as an adult in the school but the following also apply:
    • They receive additional guidance about what is legal/illegal at different ages in the UK.
    • They have a 10PM curfew.
    • They cannot stay anywhere other than their accommodation unless they have parental consent.
    • They cannot take a holiday without parental consent.
    • Their photos cannot be used without parental consent.
    • They must attend every class.
    • They must attend every class on time.
    • If they are missing from a class at any point we will contact the student. If we cannot get hold of the student we will inform the police.
    • We get 2 references from all our homestay hosts
    • All hosts who host under 18s are DBS checked to an advanced level
    • We can be contacted on the emergency phone at both schools 24 hours per day (please see the handbook below)

    12-15 YEAR OLDS (Summer School and NCG Liverpool only)

    For teenagers under 16 restrictions are somewhat stricter and the following apply in addition to those above:

    They have an 8PM curfew
    They cannot join adult classes under any circumstances, they must be taught in a closed group or in a private class with a DBS checked teacher
    They will be assigned class times and breaks that limit the time they are in contact with adult students
    They will not be allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied during their scheduled time at the school
    Activities may be deemed unsuitable for certain ages and as a result they may not be allowed to accompany some school activities. For thosethat are able to attend, unsupervised time on trips may be curtailed or not allowed. This will be decided on the basis of a risk assessment conducted by the school. Generally, the younger the student, the more likely these restrictions are to apply.
    For more details or clarification of what trips your child can/can’t attend, please contact us for more information.

    To see our Under 18’s Handbook for Manchester : Under 18’s Handbook_Manchester
    To see our Under 18’s Handbook for Liverpool : Under 18’s Handbook_Liverpool
    To see our Safeguarding Policy: Safeguarding Policy

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