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    Welcome to our English Language School

    New College Group (NCG) is a specialist college providing English Language courses. NCG is located in two of the UK's best student cities, Manchester and Liverpool, and has developed a strong relationship among international students for high quality teaching, friendly staff and state of the art facilities.

    Our aim is to make you feel like you are part of one big family. Join NCG and meet students from all over the world and enjoy a true British experience. From your first day at our English language school, our team will be there to attend to your needs and ensure that you take back great memories from studying at New College Group.

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    what do our students think?

    Anton Zilio

    I came to Manchester because my brother lives near here and I had a great time inside the school with teachers and mates, there is a good harmony between them. I really enjoyed the skills class and the general English. The best moments were the extra activities. If I have the possibility, maybe next year I would like to try NCG in Liverpool

    Viviana Forlin

    This was my first experience abroad and I think it was very very useful. I recommend NCG because the classes are very good, every day I discovered something new. Teachers are very patient and they find a lot of beautiful and useful activities every day. They are friendly and kind  with everyone. If you don’t understand something they will explain it again in  better way.  About my homestay accommodation, my family was very nice and kind and I felt like at home. Everything was good: food, room, atmosphere, cleaning…


    Paolo Brillante

    I came to Manchester because I think that is one of the most developed cities in UK for business. I studied 4 weeks at NCG because I want to improve mu vocabulary and my listening. I lived at homestay and they were very gentle . They make me felt as a member of their family. In the school the teachers are always available for every request and they helped me to reach my goals. I really liked the way in which we had lessons and my college mates were very good.

    Ine Klinkenberg

    I was studying English for a month in New College Group Liverpool. I enjoyed the school so much and my English classes. I learnt a lot of and my progress was wonderful! I could practise my English every time, talking with the teacher, other students and the staff. I’m very happy with the course programme and how you can improve your skills daily. It was very helpful, because I wanted to practised more my listening and speaking and I got it! Moreover, I did test weekly because I could see my progress and see what I learnt. It’s a nice referent. I attended almost all social event that NCG organised, it was funny and also good for my English. I loved conversation club and visits around Liverpool. The college and the staff were perfect. I liked all the staff, they were friendly all the time and the other students were very nice.

    Dagmar Borchert

    I was in New College Group in Liverpool for four weeks. I chose Liverpool because it has a lot of history, I am a historian and archaeologist therefore and I am interesting in History. I am very pleased with the teacher (native teacher!), little classes (with a few students), well-organised school and students from a difference nationalities. I wanted to study more English in Liverpool and talk with a lot of people, and I did it. The teacher was very important to me, and the relationship between teacher and students was good. The class environment was nice and we talked with our partners working in group. I would like to talk more with the teacher next time, I think I will learn so much more. The weekly test was the only way to check my knowledge and to get an individual feedback. I attended almost all social events and it was really funny. As well, it was a very good opportunity to speak English and there was a teacher to explain us every time. My best memory is the trip to Chester and Conway (it was very interesting). I was in a student residential (St. Andrews) and the accommodation was very good: very clean, my own bathroom, a big kitchen and NCG students in my floor.

    Tiago Ruggieri Rossi

    I have been at NCG Liverpool for two months. I decided to choose Liverpool because my cousin live here. My experience in this school was amazing, maybe the most important of my life: studying at NCG Liverpool has been really important and perfect to me. Helen was my teacher. I’m very happy with the teaching, the relationship between Helen and I was perfect, clear and with respect. When I did the first test, the result was better that I though, it’s my best memory. I practised my English in all aspect and I am very happy with my progress, but I want to continue improving my English skills. Besides, I used to use the resources outside the classroom, I enjoyed them so much. NCG made me feel safe and happy, they help you with all you need. I joined at social events like club conversation and some trips, they were awesome! I enjoyed every social event and it was very funny.