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    Welcome to New College Group (NCG), a specialist college providing English Language courses. NCG is located in two of the UK's best student cities, Manchester and Liverpool, and has developed a strong relationship among international students for high quality teaching, friendly staff and state of the art facilities.

    Our aim is to make you feel like you are part of one big family. Join NCG and meet students from all over the world and enjoy a true British experience. From your first day at the school, our team will be there to attend to your needs and ensure that you take back great memories from studying at New College Group.


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    Nadine de Morais

    My overall experience at New College Manchester was very nice and the workers here are very polite and friendly. The thing I liked most about New College Manchester was the trips and good teachers.

    In the first days when I moved from Brazil it was so difficult but after I have started to like it… I’m already missing Manchester!

    Janice Saraiva

    My overall experience at New College Manchester was very good and exceeded my expectations. I did like the interactive lessons and the availability of the teachers to help us with our weak points in language. I would recommend New College Manchester to my friends. First I think we pay a fair price. Second because of the good teachers and finally because of the location!

    Idoia Izaguirre

    Studying at New College Manchester was a nice experience and I think I have improved my speaking. The thing I liked the most about New College Manchester was the different kinds of lessons: Speaking, Listening, Grammar.

    Manchester is an amazing city, I enjoyed visiting places and cities around Manchester.

    Francisco Sirvent

    I would describe my overall experience at New College Manchester as fantastic. After being studying at NCM for 8 months, the huge range of activities, the interest on e-learning systems, a multicultural atmosphere and kind people are the most memorable features of NCM.

    New College Manchester is the best school in Manchester and is a very good option to improve and develop your language skills because of the atmosphere of the city and the charm of the ‘Mancunian’ people.

    Carmela Sama

    The way I would describe my overall experience at New College Manchester was it was an interesting and cultural experience where I was able to meet people from different countries.

    I like the city of Manchester and there are many interesting activities to do. The thing which I liked most about New College Manchester was it was a friendly environment.

    Derlis Maciel Benitez

    The thing I liked most about New College Manchester was the teachers (Mark, Wendy) and all of the students. I enjoyed all the activities at NCM such as playing football and going to the zoo. My overall experience in Manchester was amazing as I went to Old Trafford to see the Manchester United match.

    Diego Monaci

    How would I describe my overall experience at New College Manchester? One word??! AMAZING!!I Really enjoyed it!! It was very interesting and exciting! Manchester is amazing and I want to stay here for a long time. I love this city!!!

    Maria Nita

    I would recommend to study at New College Manchester because all people are friendly and polite and it’s good if they want to learn English.

    Thagore Durongpinon

    This is the first time I went far away from my county; it’s the best for me. I had new friends, went to beautiful cities, learnt new culture and improved my English skills. I felt happy, everybody was friendly and kind.

    I like everything in New College Manchester. Good teachers, nice friends, beautiful classrooms. New College Manchester improved my English skills and I’m always happy to study here.

    Wiparat Wongnim

    I studied at new college Manchester for 3 and a half months! The best thing about New College Manchester is teachers. At New College Manchester everyone is friendly and concentrate on teaching English and we always practice! I think New College Manchester is good for me and you should choose to come and learn.

    Dinagul Bayesheva

    I would like to say a huge thank to all of the teachers and all of the NCM staff, I have met wonderful people at NCM!

    Badam Myangan

    During my experience at New College Manchester I met nice teachers and classmates and I enjoyed the social activities at NCM. The think I liked the most about New College Manchester was the library, especially the penguin’s books.

    Hadjal Ahcene

    Being studying in NCM has been very beneficial for me. When I arrived to NCM I didn’t speak English at all, but after two months here now I’m able to speak and understand English.

    I want to thank the hospitality of NCM team and in particular my teacher and my host family. During this period they have been very kind.

    Silvia Puggina

    For me, it is a fantastic experience because I met many students from different nationalities. Manchester, in fact, is a multicultural city. Moreover, all the teachers are committed and very kind.

    I like this college also because every day teachers plan a different activity.

    Unfortunately, my experience has been very short. I am sure that this college will remain in my heart. I am 33 years old and I can feel the emotions and the experiences in a different way from the youngest students. I recommend the students to enjoy the opportunity to study here.

    Shih Liu Chin

    I have been in NCM for 2 weeks.

    Everybody here is nice and I have really enjoyed my class. Also, I have done a lot of new friends. I have been in a host family. The experience was great because the family was very nice and she has two beautiful cats. We had really good dinners together.

    I love Manchester. The people here are very friendly. I will come back again!

    Islam Coban

    New College Manchester has a very friendly atmosphere. I think you will enjoy every second that you spend in here, like me!

    Evi Kalli

    It was a very nice experience for me. I liked lessons, my teachers and students. Everything was amazing for me. First time in my life I speak so much English!
    The College helped me a lot to improve my English and I am sad that I am leaving. I will miss you all!

    Faisal Shudayyid Al-Harbi

    The New College Manchester is a really nice college and you can study and find a good atmosphere here. My host family was fantastic and was not far from the college. Start your experience with NCM!

    Jeeyeon Han

    I like NCM for various reasons:

    1. Great teachers – well prepared lessons and hard-working, especially Simon who is a very dedicated teacher.

    2. Small group of classmates in a class makes a cosy environment to enable to focus in a class as well as gives more chances to practise speaking during lessons.

    3. Clean school facilities and snack machines.

    It was a good time to be here. If I had more time I would study here for longer.

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